Tropini lab in the Vancouver Sun
Newsworthy research stories, accomplishments, and spotlights from the department
Zymeworks 2024
Lauren Durland and Thomas Worthington receive the 2023-24 Zymeworks Fellowship
The Zymeworks Fellowship in Advanced Protein Therapeutics supports students with a focus on health science research that aligns with Zymeworks’ focus on immune-based treatments for disease.
Iqaluit by Dr. Gonzalo Alvarez
Wastewater monitoring: research aims to enhance TB prevention & detection in Nunavut
Dr. Jim Sun (UBC, uOttawa) is part of a research study in Iqaluit to explore wastewater monitoring as a tool to detect and prevent the spread of tuberculosis (TB) in Nunavut.
Jim Sun
Welcome Dr. Jim Sun to the Department of Microbiology and Immunology
A Q&A with Dr. Jim Sun, who has officially joined the UBC Department of Microbiology and Immunology as an Assistant Professor.
Kayla King
Two Canada Excellence Research Chairs join UBC Science
Dr. Kayla King is one of two UBC Science faculty to receive a CERC - and has been appointed the CERC in Evolutionary Dynamics of Host-Pathogen Interactions.
Crowe lab
Biological fingerprints in soil show where diamond-containing ore is buried
UBC researchers have identified ‘biological fingerprints’ can reveal what minerals are buried tens of metres below the earth’s surface without having to drill.
Photo of research from Tokuyama Lab.
The Science Behind Sexual Health Series
For World Sexual Health Day, labs from the Faculty of Science share their research that both directly and indirectly relates to sexual health.