Research Publications
Our Research Faculty conduct important, life-changing research from their labs in the Life Sciences Institute and beyond at UBC Vancouver.
Murphy and Av-Gay labs
Murphy and Av-Gay Labs
Acidic pH modulates Burkholderia cenocepacia antimicrobial susceptibility...
Crowe and Hallam Labs
Crowe and Hallam Labs
Constraining the oxygen requirements for modern microbial eukaryote diversity
Finlay lab
Finlay Lab
Microbiota-mediated effects of Parkinson's disease medications on Parkinsonian, ...
Crowe lab
Crowe Lab
DNA sequencing, microbial indicators, and the discovery of buried kimberlites
Gold lab figure
Gold Lab
WAVE2 Regulates Actin-Dependent Processes Induced by B Cell Antigen Receptor,...
Tropini lab figure
Tropini Lab
Time to rethink academic publishing: the peer reviewer crisis
Finlay Lab
Finlay Lab
Multiple micronutrient deficiencies in early life cause multi-kingdom alterations...
Haney Lab
Haney Lab
PSKR1 balances the plant growth–defence trade-off in the rhizosphere microbiome
Kronstad Lab
Kronstad Lab
Proteasome inhibition as a therapeutic target for the fungal pathogen C. Neoformans