Financial Support for UBC Students
UBC Campus
Apr 3, 2020

Students make significant contribution toward getting their degree and we recognize how challenging this time must be. During these unexpected changes, money can be especially hard to balance with everything else going on.

The Government of British Columbia and UBC are providing various forms of financial support for students in need. 


Province of BC  

Starting March 30, 2020 – BC student loan payments are automatically frozen for six months (until September 2020). 


The Province of British Columbia has also announced a $3.5-million investment in emergency assistance for students attending 25 post-secondary institutions in BC to be used to help cover costs of living expenses. 


This money is on top of regular annual emergency funds to help students who’ve hit an unexpected emergency that affects their ability to finish their studies. 


For UBC Vancouver, contact Enrolment Services by filling out this online form:




  1. UBC Financial Support – Financial support for UBC students, including an option for financial distress or significant change to a financial situation. 
  2. UBC Scholarships and Bursaries – Apply to get support for future academic and extracurricular achievements that meet your financial needs. 
  3. International Student Help – For international students with questions on work eligibility, health insurance and study permits during COVID-19. 
  4. AMS Food Bank – An emergency food relief service for UBC students in need. Visit the link to learn how you can receive supplies such as non-perishable foods, personal hygiene products and additional resources, or how and what to donate if you are able. 


MISA Financial Aid Grant – The Microbiology & Immunology Student Association has developed a COVID-19 Financial Aid Grant program in order to assist students who may be struggling with lay-offs or loss of income during the COVID-19 measures. For more information, visit the MISA Facebook page or email them at sends e-mail)