A diversity of novel type-2 innate lymphoid cell subpopulations revealed...
Jefferies lab
Jefferies Lab
Clara Wenjing Xia, Iryna Saranchova, Pablo L. Finkel, Stephanie Besoiu, Lonna Munro, Cheryl G. Pfeifer, Anne Haegert, Yen-Yi Lin, Stéphane Le Bihan, Colin Collins & Wilfred A. Jefferies

Publication: A diversity of novel type-2 innate lymphoid cell subpopulations revealed during tumour expansion

Abstract: Type 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s) perform vital functions in orchestrating humoral immune responses, facilitating tissue remodelling, and ensuring tissue homeostasis. Additionally, in a role that has garnered considerably less attention, ILC2s can also enhance Th1-related cytolytic T lymphocyte immune responses against tumours. Studies have thus far generally failed to address the mystery of how one ILC2 cell-type can participate in a multiplicity of functions. Here we utilized single cell RNA sequencing analysis to create the first comprehensive atlas of naïve and tumour-associated lung ILC2s and discover multiple unique subtypes of ILC2s equipped with developmental gene programs that become skewed during tumour expansion favouring inflammation, antigen processing, immunological memory and Th1-related anti-tumour CTL responses. The discovery of these new subtypes of ILC2s challenges current paradigms of ILC2 biology and provides an explanation for their diversity of function.